Monday, July 18, 2011


We are fast turning into a nation of idiots. How else would you explain the raging popularity of Imran Khan's Delhi Belly? Thanks to a song, the movie hurtled into the Indian teen consciousness and in their defence, it is a rather catchy number. The movie, as movies tend to do, went on to release and became an instant hit. My FaceBook profile was full of updates about how everyone that watched the movie had aching jaws, stitches in their respective sides and the other symptoms one might get from laughing too hard. I was intensely curious and wanted to watch the movie, ignoring the warning bell that went off in my head. All teeny-boppers seemed to worship the by now massively-popular movie and that, to me, should have been warning enough, but I chose to ignore it. And I paid for it. Boy, did I pay for it and how!

Delhi Belly is one of those inexplicably trashy movies that seem to have been made without an iota of thought on the part of those that made it. The movie was shot in English and was also dubbed in Hindi. But Hyderabad being Hyderabad, the distributors released just the Hindi version and thanks to them, I had to endure 100 minutes of a putrid, stinking mess with generous doses of gaseous emissions.

I tried. Believe me. I tried my best to get involved in the movie. To even laugh at it. But I failed. I just couldn't bring myself to laugh at the cheap gags. I mean, who in their right minds would laugh at a scene where indigestion and bowel movements take precedence? I realise that I just framed a self-explanatory question, but that is my current state of mind. I fail to understand where has good taste disappeared to? Has the humour in the Indian film industry started evolving backwards? It is hard to believe this is the same industry that produced gems such as Hera Pheri.

How irritating is it to watch a Hindi film shot in English and dubbed in Hindi? That's just plain ridiculous! The movie lacks story, the characters lack depth. In fact, the depth in the story probably is a function of the depth of the director's insight.

The music in the movie is uninspired, the jokes (yes, I tend to repeat myself) fall flat on their faces and manage to trip the actors in the process, the acting is worse than two-dimensional. The protagonist poses as a wannabe serious-minded journalist who dresses up like he's yesterday's leftover food. And there's plenty of that too, on display.

Going by how much popularity this movie has garnered, I can only see a future where hundreds of similar movies are made. Does anybody remember the gangster fetish kicked off by Ram Gopal Varma or the slew of youthful love stories in Telugu cinema?

In a nutshell (a rotten one, at that), Delhi Belly is one of the worst movies I have ever had the misfortune of having to endure. In my opinion, it's akin to a disgusting, fetid, rotten animal carcass. Shit certainly does happen. Delhi Belly is proof.


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You had English version also in Hydereabad. I saw it in Inox.

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